My Open Source Journey (till now)

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·Sep 15, 2021·

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How my open-source journey started?

Firstly, Welcome to my blog. This blog is now a part of my website powered by Hashnode. I really appreciate all consturctive criticism related to this blogpost. Now jumping into the topic, I am not an open source pro and I've been contributing roughly for a while now and these are my views.

Initially, I was there just like every other tech enthusiast who wanted to make an impact and build my image. I was hopeless and was quite puzzled by the open-source community. For some context , I was not in a position where I didn’t know Git and GitHub and knew nothing about the programming and tech world. I knew how python worked and I was fine with the basics of Front-End Development. The tech world was aspirational to me and I didn’t know how to start.

I am no giant in the Open-Source World but I genuinely believe I have contributed to projects in little ways that mattered. I learnt how Pull Requests, Issues and Discussions worked in GitHub (during my journey of course😃). I joined a couple of communities and panels through various platforms like discord. Out of all such communities, EddieHub holds a special place in my heart due to the extreme warmness the community members show. It is a super active and positive community which welcomes every aspirational tech enthusiast (like me) who would like to contribute. I learnt how the EddieHub Bot worked, I learnt how Becca Lyria (Another bot which paved my way into another community) and I learnt how to work together.

“Opportunities start coming towards you if you collaborate, interact and help”.

This is the biggest lesson I learnt from the EddieHub community and I really started finding chances here. The community is inclusive and it really made my profile better too.

Apart from this side of the story, I have another part to narrate as well. After some non-python (which was my first language and my most preferred language) contributions, I wondered how it would be if I contribute to python projects. I found about CiviWiki which was a Django-project which democratized web development. Brylie Christopher Oxley really helped me contribute and now we’re working on the same project continuing with new features. I can't express my gratitude for everything the OpenCiviWiki Community has taught me.

Apart from this , I tried contributing to Zulip and Django communities which have been kind, inclusive and accepting. The bigger projects like Django which I use are to a large extent. It feels great to be a part of a project of that scale.

The immense support from the FOSS community gives me immense hope and satisfaction when I collaborate. I shall be continuing this blog with another blog related to the opportunities which I found through the Internet. The feedback and inputs from the community really made me a better contributor and It really motivates me and sparks my interests to continue my efforts.

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